A joint solution that creates efficiency, quality and value

Combining administrative operational tasks in The Agency for Governmental Administration leads to a more efficient problem solving of a higher quality.

Standardisation provides more efficiency

The Agency for Governmental Administration has developed a process based organisation that leads to a more efficient use of resources. Every operational task is based on a standardised process. The standardisation is based on employees specialising in few processes rather than many. The organisation entails that each customer is being serviced by specialised teams instead of a single employee. This leads to more standardised services with a more robust and efficient task management.

Combining and standardising administrational task throughout the state in The Agency for Governmental Administration has created great economic and qualitative gains in the economies of scale.

Higher Quality due to Specialisation

The centralization of administrative tasks has resulted in an increasing specialization and accumulation of competences which contributes to a higher quality in task performance. With this process based organization, employees are becoming experts in their specific area.

In continuation, The Agency of Governmental Administration has focused on the automation of standard processes via the development of robot technology. This technology is projected as having a great potential for efficiency gains which can be realized in a short time. The robots are already performing a series of manual tasks thereby freeing up time for employees to spend on tasks that demand their professional knowledge. The robots further contribute with a higher quality as they implicate a reduction in human errors.

Higher Value through Centralisation

Besides a more efficient task solving and higher quality, the combining of administrational tasks in The Agency for Governmental Administration has resulted in spillover effects in form of freeing more management capacity to help solving the core tasks for the customers locally.

In other words: when The Agency for Governmental Administration provides payroll services and accounting for the state’s institutions, thereby allowing them to focus on their main tasks, the Danish taxpayer is given the highest possible value for money.